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Welcome to EGRID

Home of the EGRID project

The Abdus Salam ICTP, in collaboration with CNR-INFM Democritos, is implementing an Italian national Grid infrastructure for financial and economic research in the framework of the "Egrid project", funded by the Italian Ministry for Education and Research.

The Egrid team is a well-trained and focused research group in Grid Technologies, which manages its own grid Virtual Organization within the Grid.IT infrastructure.

Notable results so far achieved are for instance the complete porting of all the LCG-2/EDG grid elements on LIVE CD's, providing in this way an easy and great tool to be used in dissemination and training activities. (For instance, the Gilda UI Live CD interface is mainly inspired by our work.)

We are currently collaborating with different research projects (StoRM project, to implement the Storage Resource Manager standard for data management) and Institutes ( Democritos/INFM and INAF Trieste) on different grid technologies.

EGRID has been accepted as a generic application within the EGEE project; work is currently underway to port our applications to the EGEE infrastructure.

Other partner sites of the MIUR Egrid Project are:

EGRID Grid Portal

The EGRID Grid portal, to submit jobs and perform data management tasks by a web interface, can be accessed at the URL

The EGRID Grid portal is based on P-GRADE technology.

EGRID Software and LiveCD

You can find out more on the software developed by the EGRID Project at

The EGRID Live CD is available for download; the EGRID LiveCD sports all the LCG-2 Grid elements on one single LiveCD which you can try and later install to the disk, keeping your grid configuration.

Egrid Team

Ezio Corso, Riccardo Di Meo, Antonio Messina, Riccardo Murri, Massimo Sponza, Alessio Terpin
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